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April 1, 2011 Update

Major changes and additions to the game's storyline are under-way:

-Instead of fighting Nazis, Indy will be battling fanatical members of the Monkey Cult.
-Indy encounters his evil twin - Montana Jones.
-Indy gets hit on the head and then has delusions of being Harry S. Truman. Marcus must find a rare plant in the jungles of Africa in order to make a cure for Indy.
-Indy encounters aliens, meets his dweeby son, gets double-crossed multiple times by a British guy, and... (Wait, hasn't this already been done?)
-Instead of searching for the Seven Cities of Gold, Indy will be searching for the Lost Valley of Socks, the mystical valley where all your missing socks mysteriously end up.

Oh, by the way....
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