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Pre TSL: The Exile wants to hold onto her hate

The piece parallels the two lives, Revan's from being redeemed to the Exile still wandering. I understand the Exile's frustration. She had not fallen, not needed to be redeemed, yet she is still being punished.

Hatred Revisited

TSL on Onderon after the revolt: She can't keep hating him, but is not yet willing to forgive.

Kavar and the Exile speak of their shared past, and how Kavar had cast her love aside. The emotions, of betrayal and regret come through, but the dark foreboding; that the council has already decided to strip her of her powers again before she arrives at Dantooine looms.

Loneliest When I'm With You

Post TSL: Atton and the Exile cling even as they know it is no use.

The piece is split, Atton picking up women in bars, and the Exile ignoring it. Both are miserable, yet neither is willing to let go.

Pick of the Week

Can't Recall the Name

Post TSL: Revan struggles with her memories, especially of the woman that had been her best friend.

The piece has a nice flow to it. Looking into the stream of memories, but the Exile's name is elusive until she meet Revan again at the end.

The Stalker Chronicles

Maybe Post TSL: How to deal with the ever present stalkers...

The piece is a riot from start to finish. Kavar having to separate his Valentine's day male by marriage proposals and just 'luv ya-s'. Commenting on the fact that 'only' half of his candy has been spiked with aphrodisiacs. Then frantically chasing the Exile as she absconds with a box of the good stuff; Atton and Kreia getting shot by HK-47. Having Mira sell the lot of the male characters (except for Kavar) to the fan girls was just the icing on a sweet cake.

Pick of the Week

Dance With Accents
Amme Moto

Dantooine post TSL: Carth still searches for the woman he loves. But why didn't he recognize her when she was in his arms?

The piece is nice and fluffy; making Revan a master of disguises was choice, especially when he recognizes that he had been dancing with her minutes previously.

Pick of the Week


Beautiful Darkness
Jedi Serenity

During KOTOR on Ebon Hawk: A quiet evening discussing the past.

The piece has a nice flow to it, Revan considering her companions, then settling down to help Carth over his emotional hump. The end was good because you know more will happen

An Inverse of Stars

Originally reviewed 7 April 06 That review is below:

An Alternate ending to KOTOR

An excellent work by this new writer. The problems are the same as I dun into all of you. reread and rewrite. This needs so little revision I hated to actually tell her to do anything with it.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Bastila's Holocron

KOTOR on Tatooine: Bastila deals with her father's death and her mother's impending loss.

A well done emotional look at Bastila's dealing with her mother. The piece flows well and you can picture both women; one bound for more treatment, the other to complete her mission.

Perils of Swoop Racing: Manaan

KOTOR on Manaan after the Leviathan: Revan needs to relax, and Swoop racing might fit the bill...

I wasn't interested enough in the swoop racing to go beyond Taris, but I can understand and enjoy the metaphor. When you enjoyment of life is at it's least, there has to be something to bring you out of it.

Miraea Starr

Post KOTOR: An interesting interview.

The piece is a riot, the character so far away from what you might expect from an interview that you wonder why he thought he might pass.

Not to know

Pre KOTOR on Nar Shaddaa: Carth looks desperately for his son.

The piece is poignant in that the Twi-Lek begins thinking of him as a mark, but by the end pities him The flashbacks drive the story like a searing whip.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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