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"Admiral, unauthroized take off. Shutting bay doors," Andros informed as he tried to get the doors shut. "Damn. He got out."

Jun-la managed to have the override codes entered and the door open just in time to see a Chiss jump into the cockpit of one of the ships. She put on a burst of speed as if to jump on the ship and she had her lightsaber ignited. Just before she ran out of room, she threw a little device. She saw it attach itself onto the hull. She commed, "Ship escaped bay but there's a tracker on it Admiral. Call for station fighters to pusue if possible."

Jun-la watched the ship take off and extinguished her lightsaber. She turned around to take a look at the security officers but said nothing and went back to the deck where the first dead body was found. Perhaps there still might clues.

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