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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
What about: it's all fantasy and laser bolts look nicer than projectiles?
That's pretty much what I said at the end of my first post. Something along the lines of 'using bullets wouldn't be space-opera enough'. Star Wars is just not 'hard' science fiction. It's 'soft' enough that really I should be calling it space fantasy (since fantasy doesn't need to be medieval).

But I still couldn't resist a good nitpick. Hey, at least we're not arguing about whether or not the Endor Holocaust would have happened.

On a side note, from the Grey Paladin page, it sounds like the author of the books they were in had recently seen the movie 'Wanted', what with bending blaster bolts, and deflecting them with other blaster bolts. Which would kind of make sense with bullet-using force-user (or maybe we've just been unfair to stormtroopers' aiming ability, and Luke's been 'curving the blaster bolt' away from him the entire time). Oh god I'm nitpicking again. It's like I have a disease.

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