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((Not a problem. ))


"What is officer's name Admiral?"

"His name is Xeran...if that is his real name. There are two things you need to know about him: He always is armed with at least a blaster pistol and he is dangerous. Even jedi Alriana had trouble with him when sparring. Be careful."

"Admiral, I believe I can sift through the downloads to find what he was specifically after. Just let me have full access to the main computer."

Belina walked over to Andros and entered her password into the computer, giving Andros full access to the computer. "Access granted." She said. "Let me know the minute you find anything."


What should I do moi chroi?

Alriana struggled against the sith, trying to break his grip on her. She snarled at him. "I've fought your kind before sith. It's only a matter of time before you die."

Be prepared. Once I get free we need to take him together. she sent back to Tavaryn as she quickly gathered the force around her and grabbed the sith's arm, sending a jolt of force lightning through the sith.
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