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"I've died before," Kage whispered in Alriana's ear, "And I've come back."

"Only one could do that and he was destroyed," Tavaryn replied having remembered what he read and heard about Virul. He was trying to buy time for Alriana to do what she wanted to do.

Kage was amused. When Alriana sent lightning athim he countered by gripping the offending wrist tightly. He felt the lightning but pain was irrelevant at this point and didn't affect him. He squeezed harder on Alriana's wrist, feeling the bones strain under his grip. The intent was clear in his eyes.

Tavaryn felt the air go out of his chest. He saw the intent and glared. He moved to be ready to spring. Kage was looking at him, the pressure on Alriana's wrist increasing and the added threat of a lit lightsaber. Trust me again moi chroi?


Tonatius sensed Kalla's agitation and heard her message. He didn't want to leave his brother. He reached out like how he had been taught and tried to sense out the presence. He recognized it too and something else was there. He sent, Wait Kalla! Don't attack!

To accentuate his point and to try to stop her, he took off, using his talents to weave his way through the fighting warriors. He didn't notice that his twin was following along behind shouting at him. He spotted Kalla and shouted, "Wait!"


Andros nodded at the admiral. The repairs were abandoned for now but he had done enough to provide him with enough power to do a diagnostic. He read his datapad and checked his connection. "Strange. Part of this download is mundane things like inventory lists. I would've thought that he would have gone into more secure info like weapons, defenses, that like. Admiral, does the Ackbar have a record of battles engaged? Anything related to the Undying Sith or what happened two years ago?"


"His name is Xeran...if that is his real name. There are two things you need to know about him: He always is armed with at least a blaster pistol and he is dangerous. Even jedi Alriana had trouble with him when sparring. Be careful."

"Understood," Jun-la replied as they neared the door to the specified room. She motioned for the security team to cover fire as she tapped on the door. She said, "Xeran, this is Jun-la, Jedi Knight. I need you to come with me for questioning."

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