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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
IG, if you DO decide to get the tattoo, it fits your persona. It's funny but we tend to think of our LF avatars as our persona especially for those of us that don't change our avatar every two weeks.


We all think of Rhett as a smoking Yoda
I have always been Darth Maul wearing a suit with flames behind me.
RP The Hotrod: Always used the same avatar. As far as I know, some sort of Sniper.
Lady Jedi: A young woman looking away
leXX: While she changes her avatar often, she keeps a running theme. The female heroine in all that is Sci-fi and geek culture.

So yeah if you got the game and watch dude tattooed on you, I think it would fit perfectly.

One think I have learned about tattoos over the years as I have 4 of them. Try to stick to a theme, and only get a
tattoo if means something to you. All of my tats are logos. I am obsessed with and point.
Bahaha...sniper tattoo.

Current in-game name is #include
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