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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
This just pissed me off. Pepper spray hurts a lot (I've felt it multiple times in training), but this kid didn't even get it in his eyes, from what I've read. Another article said he was treated for 'minor skin irritation'. The kid got off easy. The most common reaction I've seen from people is "so 2 cops couldn't disarm one child without pepper spraying him?". These people don't seem to comprehend that 8 year olds are pretty breakable, and getting physical could cause an actual injury, instead of some irritated skin. In other words, using pepper spray on an 8 year old who is far beyond "unruly" (try destructive and violent instead), is, if anything, too little.

The kid's idiot mother, whose terrible parenting skills no doubt contributed to, if not flat out created, his issues, can't accept her share of the blame, and has the audacity to criticize the police for not "talking him down", "using excessive force", and "treating him like a common criminal". Of course this means that they should be forced to go through special training to deal with her dear little future felon. The police had already talked the kid down twice. That should have told her to get her act together parenting-wise, but it didn't. The kid is a 'common criminal' (albeit a young one), so of course that's how he'll be treated. Perhaps she is the one needing to get special training in dealing with children.

She's been leaving the school and the police to do her job, and is now blaming them when it doesn't go the way she wants. Based on her unwillingness to accept any responsibility, and the kid's current attitude/behavior, I am 100% certain that, unless he is mostly raised by someone else from now on (mental problem boarding school, foster care, etc.), little Aidan will one day be wasting my tax dollars, sitting in prison.
The child deserved it.

The child, and his mother, need to learn you can't throw chairs, TVs or whatever else at people without serious consequences. If he'd have been an adult, I've no doubt the officers would have tackled him to the ground rather forcefully afterwards.
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