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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
Peace? You do realise that there have been many wars started in the past over which religion was praising God the right way right?
When you say positive moral values which bible are you referring to? If (for example) you think what the old testament was proposing was good moral values then i'd strongly disagree. But I keep forgetting that the church can review their "Papal infallibility" and change their views to keep up with society whenever it suits them.

@ Topic: Yes, it is child abuse. If you're religious the decent thing to do would be to not poison your childs mind.
Are you aware that many wars were started by ambitious individuals who cared little for religion, and used it merely as an excuse to get what they wanted? And what is this about warning children about hell being child abuse? If I remember, a few years ago I was taught about the supposed "stranger danger", is that child abuse too?
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