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Jun-la leaned forward as if to listen with her ear on the door. She could sense the cautiousness behind the door. She had no doubt that he would strike should he feel threatened. She replied, "This concerns a soldier under your command. In case you have not been aware, there is a situation that needs to be dealt with."


I can see why someone would want information on the sith and the incident at Geonosis but why they accessed the inventory is beyond me.

"Perhaps it is a cover," Andros suggested. Seeing that his answer might require an explanation, he gave it, "It's a ploy used by slicers. It's a diversionary tactic or a cover tactic. I'm going to run a diagnostic on the downloads." He began tapping into his datapad.


Kage was enjoying wreaking pain on the Jedi in his grasp. It had been a long, long time. He squeezed harder and whispered in Alriana's ear, "Try to use your powers and you'll find the pain an afterthought."

Of course I do...I trust you Tavaryn.

Tavaryn had some small mesure of relief. For the plan that was forming in his mind would require him to move fast. He said to the enemy, "Let her go and we'll finish this."

Kage grinned maliciously, "An interesting proposal. However your Jedi friend interfered so she forfeits release in my opinion."

"You and I both know that you want the one whose talents aren't as mundane," Tavaryn replied, trying to play to ego. He was gathering the strength he would need to move and he prayed that Ryu could sense him.

"True but it's been a while since I had a Jedi in my grasp and I rather like this one." Kage adjust his grip as Alriana tried to struggle. "Then again, she doesn't know when to quit. So I'll have to decide for her." It was then that he made a deft move and snapped the wrist he was holding as if it were a twig.

Tavaryn had seen the move and moved quickly disappearing and reappearing to smack the enemy with his staff pieces. It was enough for the enemy to release Alriana at which Tavaryn seized the moment to grab her and move away.

Kage was enraged that the Avalonian bested him and took his prize. He searched for him and saw him in the place that he was before but with the Jedi. A large below sounded and the wyvern that had been circling landed with a thud, swingin its tail at nearby Sith, sending them to their deaths.

Tavaryn gripped Alriana until Ryu landed. He boosted her up and said, "Hang on moi chroi." He then muttered something to Ryu and the wyvern took off leaving him behind on the ground.

Tavaryn could only spare a glance before truning his attention back to the enemy he bested. Kage charged at him and Tavaryn launched into his own attacks which were musch harder and full of murderous intent.


Governor Starlighter watched the battle from the fort even as enemy fire rained down, trying to bring it down. The artillery line was effective. What had her interest were the use of AT AT walkers. She hadn't seen one in years. "Admiral Garja, have arillery concentrate with ion charges on the walkers. We need to bring them down."

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