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"I believe I know what solder you are talking about. He recently arrived on the Ackbar didn't he?"

"That is the assumption," Jun-la replied calmly. "From what we could gather, he has a Chiss appearance." She supplied the small detail hoping to gain a foothold in cooperation. "I'll tell you the truth right now that Admiral Belina wants you locked up in the brig. Show me cooperation and maybe we can avoid that."


Andros shuffled through data like a pro with a sabaac deck. He tried every trick that he learned about slicing terminals. Scoundrel skills for sure but his master never begrudged him learning them. He came across something that was interesting and asked, "Admiral, what do you know about Echleon 5?"


The wyvern sensed its rider blacking out and swooped towards the ground. Murasaki had lost track of the Jedi in the thick of battle but she spotted the wyvern flying and diving low to the ground. She urged her stallion forward to meet with the beast just in time to catch Alriana from slumping off. She saw that Alriana had been strapped onto the beast so making a split decision, she jumped onto the wyvern and pulled Alriana to keep her from falling off. "Alright let's fly."

The wyvern, sensing that the second rider was a friend allowed passage and continued to fly where he had been asked to go. He landed with a hard thump in front of the field medics that had been advancing. It belowed upon landing and lowered its body to the ground.

Murasaki, thrilled to have actually ridden a wyvern, snapped to business as she undid the bindings and slid off with Alriana. She spotted a Twi'lek, her first but one she recognized was the wife of the governor's daughter. She said, "Healer Lenatha, I require your assistance please."

To the Jedi, she said, "Don't worry. The pain will pass."


Tavaryn ran off the side of a damaged speeder and flipped over to avoid getting hit by the lightsaber his enemy was wearing.

Be careful Tavaryn...

She had sent him that before he sent her off on Ryu. He could feel her pain and was livid with rage when he saw his opponent standing there smirking. I am sorry moi chroi.

Kage was having more fun than he had in ages. He could tell that by breaking the Jedi's wrist, he got under the Avalonian's skin. He wondered about that as he swiped at the Avalonian as he ran alongside the broken speeder. The Avalonian's use of his staff was impressive. He couldn't help but comment, "You're fighting better now than you did when we first begun. Why is that?"

Tavaryn felt a powerful surge of feelings course through his blood. Some of it was anger, the rest was a conglomeration of emotions past and present. He replied, "A good defense gives way to a good offense." He twirled his batons.

"Indeed," Kage agreed and then struck out with a series of thrusts and parries that were too fast to be seen with the naked eye.

Tavaryn was ready and countered with matching speed. He led his opponet on a dance, occassionally taking out other Sith warriors with a well placed strike. He was hoping to get his enemy closer towards the fortress but they remained in the same area that they were in. It was intensive fighting as they clashed like kataran bulls.

At one point Kage locked his lightsaber between Tavaryn's batons. He improvised by giving hard punches and a backhand to Tavaryn's head. Tavaryn responded with a backhand which resulted in a kick to the gut that sent him sprawling on the ground. Kage came down with a downward strike.

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