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Originally Posted by Mandalorian Knight View Post
As far as troops on the ground in Libya goes, it's obvious to me that some country has to have some kind Special Operations Forces on the ground. The rebels are (out of necessity) are using similar or identical vehicles and equipment to the Libyan military. Discerning who is who from the air is extremely difficult without the aid of some kind of direction from the ground. According to USA Today last week, A-10s and AC-130s have been deployed. The AC-130 in particular is an SOF support craft, which reinforces my belief that someone has boots on the ground.
Various news sources have already reported confirmation from government officials that the CIA and the UK's SAS and SBS have people on the ground. I don't know what's being said on the UK side, but the official Agency response is 'no comment'. However, if it was intended to be hidden from the public, the media wouldn't have found out at all.

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