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Originally Posted by Primogen View Post
Various news sources, such as? I mean, I don't really doubt that the CIA has agents in Libya, or that the UK has deployed special forces units, but it seems a bit peculiar that government officials would confirm it without ending up dead from 'Aggravated Suicide' a few hours later.
It's a way for the politicians to cover their... to have their stories straight. If their respected governments had gone on about how there wouldn't be anyone deployed on the ground, and if a SOF guy is later captured by troops loyal to Ghadafi, then the politicians lose points in the polls and credibility. This way they can confirm what other governments will expect anyways while not giving any specific details.

I do wonder what the Rules of Engagement for these troops are. Are they only permitted to call in airstrikes? Or do they have other roles, such as training the rebels or operating independently to attack targets of opportunity? Unfortunately, that much *definitely* isn't going to be shared with the public.
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