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First a grim foreword:
Message to Mandy Elliott: You need to WAKE UP, hon. At this rate in less than 10 years you'll be getting that call from your precious little Aidan from the D.O.C. arrested for God only knows what, once to be bailed out and many more times after his sentencing, while serving time. Very likely (and I do *not* take joy in saying this) between enduring some terrible, terrible things. If you truly do love your child, you will *not* allow this to become reality. You will act NOW and take responsibility while there is still time to make a difference.

OK. This sounds like one of my friends as a child, but you see there are some major differences between my pal and this kid. My pal had some psychological impairments on top of being your typical hotheadded 8 year old and didn't always recognize what he was doing was wrong. He is now a functioning member of society. This kid on the other hand admits as much that he deserved what he got so that pretty much eliminates psychological impairment.
TL;DR version: Hey I have a friend who used to act like this kid. My friend, however, was mental. This kid, from what the story implies was NOT mental.

How did I come to this?

There are 2 other possibilities for such behavior:
1) emotionally disturbed and pushed to an extreme. Males being full of testosterone understandably desire wanting to rip someone's head off when agitated--but that doesn't necessarily mean/guarantee they WILL because they are aware of consequences so it'd have to be, as I said, extreme. This can be scratched from the list because it sounds like if this kid was acting as an agitator, not from being agitated. There is another explanation outside mental and psychological issues: Undisciplined. Which leads me to the next explanation...
TL;DR: Blowing a fuse and having a breakdown in some way or another as a response. As in the case of bullying. This was NOT.

2) Bad parenting. OK if the kid admits he deserved what he got, that's evidence he knows what he is doing is unacceptable and persisting in it anyways. He's obviously looking for attention and this is a pattern of behavior that surfaces because he is often allowed to get away with this kind of thing on a regular basis. As in at home allowed by his mother.

TL;DR: He's an EFFING BRAT and his mother refuses to admit it or do anything to correct it. The mother is the problem.

Police having dealt with the kid twice before ought to be an obvious wakeup sign. But no, the mother, instead of accepting responsibility, decided to turn it back around on the police and the school "Why didn't you just talk him down?".
Hmm, I dunno, let's see: A kid using an object as a battering ram on a door behind which is hiding potential victims, then shouting obscenities and going literally gladiator on the cops once they arrive and refusing to talk. Think THAT might have had something to do with it? Just saying.

Though the public school systems have their problems, THIS problem is NOT their fault. The cops were doing their job too.

When my pal used to do his little rampages, they didn't have pepperspray back then so he got a forced restraint. BTW he was in a foster home and actually got too much discipline. He's read this article as well and with his permission I post this and I quote:
Originally Posted by GTA's IRL friend "Chris"
If the kid himself says he deserved it then he obviously knew what he was doing. If I got pushed down, wrestled, forcefully restrained, and then cuffed back 20+ years ago, this little brat got what he deserved, I say.
I think the cops were in the right on this one, personally. I know how bad it was as I've been tased as part of combative training, maced (17% solution) as part of the same. I could just imagine how bad bear mace is...actually, no I couldn't. Since mace represents an alternative to quite possibly injurious forceful handling and is easily rectified on top of that, I say it's perfectly acceptable especially where the parenting is bad. Hell, they should have made the kid wear the mace just a little longer (30-60 minutes) IMO before washing it off in order to get the message to the little hoodlum.

Originally Posted by Pimp of sesame street View Post
This is awful. They pepper-sprayed him? Come on, when a brat acts like that, you want to make a -mark-, something the little piece of trash won't -ever- forget, like a baton to the face.
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