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Originally Posted by Primogen View Post
Various news sources, such as? I mean, I don't really doubt that the CIA has agents in Libya, or that the UK has deployed special forces units, but it seems a bit peculiar that government officials would confirm it without ending up dead from 'Aggravated Suicide' a few hours later.
I believe it was reported over here the other week that President Obama had given authorisation for US special forces to operate on the ground, but yeah, it is a little strange.

I know our government had deployed the SAS during the mass evacuation of foreigners to get people out from the oil fields... and from a nostaglic point of view, the SAS was practically born in that desert - but I doubt they'll be driving pink jeeps with machine guns now.

As for actual, full on troops on the ground, if it happens, I wouldn't be surprised to see the French at the head of the column.
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