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Originally Posted by Primogen View Post
Various news sources, such as? I mean, I don't really doubt that the CIA has agents in Libya, or that the UK has deployed special forces units, but it seems a bit peculiar that government officials would confirm it without ending up dead from 'Aggravated Suicide' a few hours later.
BBC, New York Times, a ton of others.

As for confirmation, that's not peculiar at all. The US gov (and I'd assume the UK gov too) doesn't really care if people know, since it really isn't surprising, or anything worth hiding. Obama authorized CIA assistance in a very transparent way, when there are all manner of other, quieter, ways to do the same. The decision-makers likely want the people to know about this, or at the very least don't care. I worded my post to not present CIA/SAS+SBS involvement as fact, only the media's confirmation, because as a gov employee (or tool of capitalist imperialist world domination if you prefer) I have rules that need to be followed about what to post on the internet, and I like to stay well away from the boundary of what's allowed. However, if the media wasn't meant to know about it, they wouldn't, and there's not much reason for an official to fake it. Take that as you will.

The CIA leadership is saying 'no comment' because general policy is to not flat out confirm anything, leaving that to the discretion of certain other officials. You'll find that, when asked, the CIA is likely to say 'no comment' on even fairly innocuous activities from years ago that are common knowledge, even those with documents released under the FOIA.

edit: Only one thing has really been flat out denied, instead of 'no comment'. The US has not aided in arming the rebels. Considering how many Al Qaeda fighters and sympathizers have joined the cause, this is a good thing. Arming them for the tiny period of time where our interests are somewhat aligned would be a poor decision (honestly, a complete rebel victory could be very dangerous indeed; it might be preferable for western nations if the rebels just applied enough pressure to trigger a palace coup, followed by reform, instead of a new government being formed from the ground up, with a high risk of domination by militant Islamic interests).

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