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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
What To Expect From “Mass Effect 3″: The Factions

I recommend that certain people read the section on Quarians.
Nice read.

I still believe dark energy is going to play an important part in ME3. They just gave too many hints about it in ME2 for it to mean nothing.

Never really thought about the Udina versus Anderson in that way makes me kind of wish I would have picked Udina at least once. All in all, I think I’ve set up my saves rather nicely if the speculation in the article is correct.
Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
However, with ME3, they can do so much more. Since they don't need to worry about a sequel limiting the changes a player can cause in the game universe, the degree of possible options is huge. While I have no doubt that the 'real' (read: not counting as losing the game) endings will all have the Reapers defeated, I'd hope that the player will have more of an impact than just saving the day as RainbowHugs Shepard, or as BadassJerk Shepard.
I want the Shepard saves the day followed by stones fall down upon their head ending.

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