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MMO VS Kotor

I've been reading through several of the threads and posts and found the different opinions interesting. I think each side has good points, which is why this came to me and the reason for me making this thread/post.

I have nothing against MMO's, I just personally have been a SP gamer, but I do play some games on multiplayer with my dad. Also, I'm not too fond of the idea of paying a monthly fee, but that's just me.

The creators of this game think an MMO is a great addition to the Star Wars Universe and I agree. It's nice to see Star Wars expanding in all areas, but here is my beef with it. It's a Kotor rip-off!

I am a huge fan of the Kotor games, even though TSL didn't live up to my and many others expectations. This MMO did not have to take place in the Kotor era, especially since the creators have some belief that the Kotor era looks like the clone wars era O_o I heard this in one of their video updates for the MMO.

You can tell by the trooper armor that it looks very much clone trooper like, which in itself takes away the feel for the Kotor or Old republic era. In the "Hope" cinematic, i thought I was watching something for the clone wars. The armor and the mentioning of Alderaan is too familiar and distracts me from getting into the feel of this game.

The creators decided to make an MMO and decided if they go a few hundred years after Kotor 2, us fans would just ignore this. I can't because in Kotor 2 the Jedi are suppose to be like gone, right? So what happened between then and when this MMO appears. In the "deceived" cinematic you can clearly see a temple full of jedi.(oh and I'm not blind to the fact that the Jedi temple and halls look exactly like the prequel films. Again, a rip-off. Do they not get that cultures change within a certain amount of generations. I mean look at how America has changed and the pilgrims came in like the 1700's. We changed in 300 years. The old republic is set thousands of years before the prequels.)

I and I'm sure many others, wouldn't have as big of a problem with this MMO if it wasn't set in the Kotor era. Fans are expecting better graphics and yet it is an MMO, they are limited as to what to use. They took a huge risk and will most likely lose a great deal of fans.

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