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Originally Posted by starkiller1157 View Post
This MMO did not have to take place in the Kotor era,
There isn't a KotOR era, but there is an Old Republic Era, which has covered a far greater time span (25,000 - 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin) before KotOR even existed.

Originally Posted by Starkiller
I can't because in Kotor 2 the Jedi are suppose to be like gone, right? So what happened between then and when this MMO appears. In the "deceived" cinematic you can clearly see a temple full of jedi.
300 years and a galaxy full of trillions of life forms, meaning there are more than likely millions of potential force sensitive recruits. It's really not hard to rebuild when you've got that much to work with.

Originally Posted by Starkiller
(oh and I'm not blind to the fact that the Jedi temple and halls look exactly like the prequel films.
I'm not sure why this a problem, exactly.

Originally Posted by Starkiller
Do they not get that cultures change within a certain amount of generations. I mean look at how America has changed and the pilgrims came in like the 1700's. We changed in 300 years.
You can't really apply real world norms and realities to a fictional universe. Earth's own history and technology has changed so much in a few thousand years, but it doesn't mean that the Star Wars Universe should follow the same rule.

Originally Posted by Starkiller
I and I'm sure many others, wouldn't have as big of a problem with this MMO if it wasn't set in the Kotor era.
Again, there is not a 'KotOR era'. And if there was, it likely wouldn't include this game in the first place.

Originally Posted by Starkiller
Fans are expecting better graphics and yet it is an MMO, they are limited as to what to use.
I don't understand why graphics are even an issue, to be honest.

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