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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I was taking convenience in terms of a plot device for the developers. Makes their life easier if the majority of hapless peons you have to wade through for most of the game are just black retextures of all the humanoid models they used for mercs in ME2.
You know, if they work in the idea that as an elite, hidden, organization, Cerberus' forces would be limited in size and often hire mercs for grunt work, they could save even more dev time by doing even less reskinning. Bioware can send the check in the mail.

I don't really have a problem with models not changing much, since within the game's timeline, armor and weapons tech are unlikely to have changed much, and ME2's graphics still hold up perfectly well. Saved dev time could go to other aspects of the game.

Shepards that are cool with aliens are easy to put Cerberus against. The easiest way I can see to reconcile having a Humanocentrist Shepard (who would want Cerberus to win) with having Cerberus as an enemy would be to make TIM worry that Shepard, with his record and ability to inspire loyalty, would be a threat to his position as leader of the organization. Personal greed would outweigh devotion to humanity, and he'd try to have Shepard killed. Taking over Cerberus would be just awesome enough to have me play an alien-hating Shepard. I never could be bothered to do it before, since I like how my Shep and Garrus have a whole Boondock Saints vigilante duo thing going, minus the religion.

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Good job, Mimi. About three of us are old enough to get that.
I'm sure plenty people here would recognize Horshack. At least I hope so, since I've never considered myself one of the old fogeys here, and I'd prefer for that not to change.

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