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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Circumcision is practiced not only by Jewish, but has also been used for a variety of health and hygiene reasons. It has even been shown in several studies that there is a 60% decrease in HIV transmission... The medical view on it has changed from yes, to no, to yes, to no, and currently it's yes(I think... it gets rather confusing... they seem to change their minds every few years.)
I'm pretty sure it's 'doesn't really matter' right now. Health wise, uncut is only at more risk of infections if the dude doesn't clean it occasionally. It's a pretty negligible risk nowadays. In times when baths/showers/any form of washing oneself were far more rare, it may have been a more common problem, though there are tons of more likely infections they'd be facing. As for HIV transmission, the solution for that is condoms and not having partners with HIV.

It's still a lot more common in the US than most other places (other than Israel of course). At this point it's largely done in the US because people who were circumcised when it was considered more healthy think of it as normal, and uncut as strange. Since it's an almost riskless procedure and takes less time than discussing whether it's important with the parents, doctors tend to just do it. It's become a cultural thing. IMO, it's similar to many biblical dietary restrictions and whatnot, something that had a medical purpose in ancient times, but has been made redundant by modern knowledge.

Even though I think circumcision's pretty pointless, I can't blame religion for this woman's actions. For instance, even though plenty of doctors recommend eye surgery, I wouldn't blame doctors if someone hurt another person while trying to do eye surgery based on information from YouTube. What it comes down to is that an untrained woman attempted to perform elective surgery on a baby with a boxcutter, pliers, and knowledge from internet videos. It's pretty clear where the problem lies.

[Blasphemy!]Maybe this God guy is at fault too though. If he wanted people without foreskins, why didn't he just make them that way to begin with? Wouldn't such an alteration also be humans making themselves less 'in his image'? God should have known he'd confuse people, that guy really didn't think things through.[/Blasphemy!]

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