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"Look at that. Whoever it was downloaded my biography and my academy records.Why would they want that?"

Andros thought a moment. "Well you are the supreme commander of the Republic fleet. You've engaged in major battles that have decided the major course of the galaxy. It seems more like a know the enemy ploy." He went back to looking at the data. "However that code thing bothers me."


"I wouldn't want the Admiral to suspect me of anything nor do I want to end up in the brig. I think it would be in all of our best interests if I spoke to the Admiral."

Jun-la didn't move as she watched the officer move his hands slowly to show that he wasn't armed. She was wary still but hid it well under politeness. "She does wish to speak with you. Are you extending cooperation?"


"Whatever's he's planning, it sounds like a massive gamble. Worst case scenario, he's going to need help."

Tonatius sighed. He said, "There is something different though. Not the Sith but Tavaryn. I know that he is the son of two Jedi but he doesn't tap into the Force at all unless he has to."

"Still brother, your girl has a point. You and I both know what we sense so maybe we should give a hand," Taryn replied as he caught up with them. He turned to Kalla, "I'll go with you but we need to be careful and not go charging in right?"


Murasaki held Alriana to prevent her from leaving. Sh esaid, "If he is in pain,let someone else go. You are in no condition to fight, unless..." Her gaze drifted towards the wyvern who was belowing in concern and in agitation. "Unless we do a rescue mission. From the looks of things, the battle is almost won."

Murasaki then addressed Lenatha, "Can you stabilze the wrist enough so that she won't lose conciousness?"


Tavaryn was exhausted from blood loss and the use of his powers. The adrenaline was the only thing keeping him on his feet as he blocked with his sword. At one point he managed to grab Kage's wrist and severed the lightsaber rendering it ineffective.

Kage tossed it away and drew out his own sword. He attacked with ferocity. The clang of the metal was resounding and sparks flew on occassion. Tavaryn used his left arm as a guard since it was useless to maintain a sword in the hand. He thrust with his sword in rapid succession and succeeded in making a deep cut across the shoulder.

The blood was flowing freely and Kage threw lightning at Tavaryn while charging. The combined attack allowed him to get a deep slash across Tavaryn's chest though mostly in the right shoulder, knocking him over. Kage saw that his army was retreating. Time to play with the Avalonian another day. As Tavaryn sat up clutching his shoulder and glared at Kage, the Sith threw a small blade that was aimed forhis head.

Tavaryn moved and the blade struck the downed speeder that he was leaned against. He looked at it and then in the direction that the Sith had gone but it was like he had vanished into the smoke. He breathed heavily and leaned against the speeder, not sure if it was a good idea to move.

Meanwhile Kage was making his way back to the ship he had hiding in the forest. He was followed by Aiden. He veeredon him with the intent to kill but Aiden but paused. He saw hatred in the warrior's eyes and liked it. "Come,' was all he said. He sent to his master, Milord, our battle is ending and soldiers are lost. Have you gotten what we came for?"


Governor Starlighter watched the enemy being decimated by their artillery and the commandeered AT-AT. She said, "Admiral Garja, this battle is won. Have Jedi Komad and Tiye make prisoners of those that they capture. And have that commandeered AT-AT fire on the enemy dropships."

She then turned to make her way down the stairs of the fortress. She walked towards the river where her daughter was and asked, "Are you alright my daughter, Andorra?"

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