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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
It would be interesting if during the trial in the beginning of the game you could either spill your guts about Cerb and some of their deals and your actions which would get them kind of pissed. These choices could be a way to determine if Miranda for example will be friendly or join back with cerbs.
This would be a bit weird since by the end of the game, Miranda is more part of Shepard's team, them she is Cerberus imo.

The easiest way I can see to reconcile having a Humanocentrist Shepard (who would want Cerberus to win) with having Cerberus as an enemy would be to make TIM worry that Shepard, with his record and ability to inspire loyalty, would be a threat to his position as leader of the organization. Personal greed would outweigh devotion to humanity, and he'd try to have Shepard killed. Taking over Cerberus would be just awesome enough to have me play an alien-hating Shepard.
I originally thought about this explanation as well, Shepard is gaining the loyalty of Cerberus and might represent a threat for TIM and must be removed, but TIM getting insecure is so out of character...

I think the idea of how you are going to use Cerberus resources being the breaking point works better.

And yeah, it's gonna be awesome to take over Cerberus, even a pro human Shepard is not necessarily pro TIM (he is always an ass regardless).
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