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Originally Posted by starkiller1157 View Post
So you saying only since the MMO its known as the Old republic era? What were fans calling it when the first Kotor games came out? Just the ancient times. Knights of the Old Republic is an era in itself.
If KotOR is an era in itself, then it would only cover the comics and the two games, and nothing beyond that.

And even then, it's part of the Old Republic Era, which had been the name for the time period even before KotOR was released.

Originally Posted by starkiller1157
It would take longer then 300 years to rebuild, seek force-sensative people and come to a peace term with the Republic.
Why, exactly?

Originally Posted by starkiller1157
You're tell me they stuck with the same designs and technology for the next 2 or 3 thousand years O_o Coruscant and the Jedi temple look exactly as they do in the films. Cultures change their designs within hundreds of years.
Cultures might change things after a few hundred years, but for something as important, iconic and revered as the Jedi Temple they might not.

I haven't see the Egyptians periodically redesign the Pyramids, after all.

Originally Posted by starkiller1157
And to be honest I was unimpressed in Kotor 1 when they meantion the real Jedi council was on Coruscant. I'd be been nice if they changed the history instead of always being a particular way for thousands of years.
Like it or not, Coruscant is the centre of the Republic. It makes sense that the High Council would locate themselves close to the seat of Galactic power so that they can better serve it.

Originally Posted by starkiller1157
It's the point of fiction to be as realistic as possible??? You can still create fictional universes based of a realistics in our own world and still make it an exciting story.
Star Wars is so unrealistic compared to our own universe it doesn't make sense that it must take cues from our own history.
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