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Originally Posted by Primogen View Post
...And? You seem to be forgetting that Sion is effectively invincible. Besides, making someone angry doesn't work in your favor when that person is a Sith Lord - fear, anger, hate, the dark side of the Force are they.
I know I said this earlier in this thread, but what do you say would happen if Kreia's lightsaber severed Sion's head from his body?

Originally Posted by Primogen View Post
She really isn't pure evil. She's no saint, but she's not soulless. She has a perspective on the Force that is quite reasonable. It controls your destiny, dominates the galaxy. She's right from a certain point of view - the Galaxy would be better off without the Force.
Actually yes, she is pretty damn evil. She advocates viewing all other beings alive as means to whatever ends one chooses, only berates the Dark-Sided Exile for murdering random people because it achieves no particular end (rather than because she has any qualms about murder), and her ultimate goal of destroying the Force runs the risk of killing a large portion (if not entirety) of all life in the universe. Furthermore, her justification for doing so - her view that the Force controls everything - is only her own personal view, and it has no particular validation anywhere in the Star Wars canon. Really, Kreia's only reasons for hating the Force is that she's butthurt over being spurned by both the Jedi and Sith, and that she's hastily assuming that the claims of the Force having a specific will and "mind" are correct.

Less evil than Bane, Sidious, and others of that ilk, sure. But saying "she's no saint" is a rather lukewarm statement about her character.

Originally Posted by Kael'thas Solo View Post
Kreia would have won on Korriban, no doubt. The darkside would fuel her powers, hence why she chose to stay aboard the Ebon Hawke. Same with Malachor.
Doesn't Kreia in fact say that being on Korriban weakens her concentration, hence why she stays on the ship, and that Sion is the one whose power is boosted from being on Korriban?

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