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"I'll pass for now. I think I'll speak with Akagi and his men...besides I'm certain the two of you have much to catch up on,"

Kaneda nodded. "Alright. Well, its good to see you Takeda." he said. "I'll catch up with you later..."

Ryuu decided to follow. "I might acompany." he added. "I hear Konoha has pretty decent ramen compared to other villages."

So they made it to their favourite ramen bar in the village. Kaneda snapped the attached-chop sticks with a flick of his hand and began digging into the bowl infront of him.

"I miss that taste. And aroma." he added. Ryuu stayed silent the whole time. Kaneda turned to Karela. "How have you been this past year? Sorry about not replying to those last few letters: you might understand what its like to be under preasure with examinations."
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