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Lightbulb Nvenoms Custom Interface/Enhanced Map

IMPORTANT: Only Check one Color Box and Map enhancment pack if you want it)you will know what im talking about

Only Supports 1024 X 768 atm you can still download for map pack though just make sure not to check any of the Colors

M Stands for main S Stands for secondary (colors that is)

Nve's Custom Interface
And Map Enhancement

This Mod is in an Attempt to Make Kotor Interface Completely Personal to you,I have added Depth to images i felt needed them and am trying to get rid of that old feeling (at-least after playing through the game about 12 times) Ive made Three Main Colors including

For those of you Wondering i am building a Giant Patch with support to all the mods that add new maps, I just have to get permission to Release it from the Owners.


And Three Secondary Colors

Bright Blue

This Means You Can do any form of color combo you want within the Limitations of the 4 main and 3 secondary colors.
The Map Enhancement Was Simple enough and is completed adding depth and higher quality images

Download Link Here

Some Images of the Color Combos use it to choose what color combo u want when installing, Warning there big photos XD
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