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"How have you been this past year? Sorry about not replying to those last few letters: you might understand what its like to be under preasure with examinations."

Karela was just about to dig into her bowl of ramen before pausing for a bit.

"I've been pretty good this past year. I managed to pick up a few combat techniques from the samurai and I even got my own set of samurai armor from Akagi." She said with a smile remembering how proud she was when she had been given her armor.

"As for the letters...Its alright. I was actually about to apologize to you for not sending more of them then I did. I was so busy helping out Akagi's village I barely had time to write."

She smiled at Kaneda. "I...It's really good to see you again Kaneda. I've been looking forward to seeing you for quite awhile."
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