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Alright, after several hours of trying and retrying almost everything posted in this thread (and the links to other threads found herein), I'm giving up for the night.

I followed the installation instructions in EQ/AT's great thread, with a few exceptions:

1) I skipped the dll and exe downloads because I knew I was going to turn around and replace those with these and

2) When I right-clicked>removed Read-Only from the SWKotOR2 folder, the change did not stick (yes, I'm an admin)

I recently built a new system (Win7HP, EVGA GeForce GTX 560ti. Rest of new specs available if needed) and am in the process of loading the old games onto it.

The game will install. The game will launch. The game will play (I can get past character creation and into the tutorial). 1280x768 .ini hack works fine, however any attempt to use this tool will not work (i.e. can launch and play, however the viewable area is centered on the screen with a thick black border all around). Main Menu > Graphics Options > Screen Resolution gives nothing but standard settings. The patcher does not spit an error. I have double-checked my ini settings more times than I care to count.


I'm comfortable with 1280x768 if that's all that's available to me, but I'd like to take full advantage of my 30-inch monitor if I can.

Thanks in advance.
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