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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Are these listed among the supported resolutions in your driver control panel?
The latter is, the former is not. Native is 2560x1600, but I run 1680x1050. NWN2 runs in 1680x1050 without issue (most of my patching attempts were this resolution also. I varied only for troubleshooting purposes).

There is a setting in the nVidia Control Panel under Adjust desktop size and position. "When using a resolution lower than my desktop's native resolution...". I currently have it set to Use NVIDIA scaling, however if I set it to Do Not Scale, Windows behaves exactly like KotOR2 (centered on the screen with thick borders on all sides).

These drivers were downloaded from the nVidia site less than 72 hours ago.

Also, not sure if this matters: my OS is 64-bit and the game is installed on the D:\ drive (separate from the OS).
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