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Editing crystal effects

Editing the XML files is easy if you have a modders background in game like Empire at War, but my problem is that there are allot of XML's all with the same name, I would like to edit the saber crystals so that I can make them all have the effects of the rest, now I know it will make the game a bit too easy I know but at the same time you also could have your favorite color and favorite effect.

the main reason I want to screw around with my files is that the Disintegration crystals don't really do what they should (Disintegrate is only a visual effect) I would like to make them disintegrate 100% (does it do anything besides that?) of the time since the only time this effect kicks in anyway is when your enemy is down and you continue to slash him and give it some extras like the Impact crystal bonus since I like a good saber battle, so in essence the black crystal is just a red one in disguise isn't it?

anyone know what XML's i'm looking for?

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