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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
Temporary squadmates seems like a good idea, since it allows for the return of characters that could die, but doesn't force those who let it happen to miss out on huge chunks of content.
The problem I have with the temporary teammate thing is it seems a bit like pot luck whether your personal favourites will be back or not. Everyone can die in ME2, so arguably on that basis all of them should only be temporary ME3. Will that actually be the case? Guess we'll see. If it is, like I said there will be some seriously pissed people (*cough* Talimancers *cough*). The only guaranteed live 'uns are Ashley/Kaidan and Liara, plus this new bloke (son of the chick Anderson had the hots for in the novels?).

Originally Posted by Primogen View Post
I'm just hoping Blasto, the first Hanar Spectre shows up.
Lol. That was the best part of ME2. Screw whatever movie they are thinking about - they should totally make the Blasto movie.

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