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Come on Liver, stay strong, they're really expensive, they supposedly slow down and wear out sooner than traditional drives, and seriously, how much time do you really have to spend on games once your post-surgery recovery finishes? Now, move away from the 'put in shopping cart' button... ok good, let's go and read some RPS to calm down.

Originally Posted by Alec Meer on RPS
Sticking one into my PC (without indulging any other upgrades) made it feel like someone had injected caffeine into its eyeballs, kicked it in the buttocks and told it the love of its life was right over them thar hills. I’m in Windows within less than a minute, and once I am I don’t get that traditional bonus minute or two of post-startup slowdown as it tiredly loads various bits and bobs in the background.
Damn you Mr. Meer. I've passed the hardware praise threshold, and I'm definitely getting an SSD. The only question is when, and now it's going to be tough to wait even one more generation.

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