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Originally Posted by BongoBob View Post
Plus it's something to have for future applications. The only job I ever had was at my families auto garage, and I got paid off the books there, so I could never list it as previous employment. Now I have something to put down there.
This is possibly the most important part. From what I've been hearing from friends and family (can't really speak from experience, since my career has pretty much been university->Army->new job straight out of Army, so I haven't personally gone through the whole career search process), even entry-level jobs at many companies now require work experience, negating the whole meaning of entry-level. Also, work experience from a company not tied to your own family would likely be viewed as more reliable by other employers (whether it actually made a difference or not).

I hope you're able to get the car situation sorted out, I know how annoying that can be. I seem to have absorbed my family's habit of keeping a car for as long as possible, only giving up on repairs once it's going to start costing more to keep alive than it would to just sell it and buy a new car.

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