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"I...It's really good to see you again Kaneda. I've been looking forward to seeing you for quite awhile."

"I'll say..." Kaneda added. "Seems like the both of us had lead pretty busy lives. I'm glad we can see each other in person, rather than having to rely on letters for communication."

There were alot of things on Kaneda's mind right now - things he didnt really want to discuss infront of Karela with Ryuu's presence. One thing running through his head was when he told Karela his feelings the previous year. The other thing was him coping with a part of Hokage Naruto's demon inside of him. He often wondered how Karela, a Jinchuuriki herself, coped with it all.

"I'm glad to see you too Karela." he smiled. "So... what did I miss out on? I hear Takeda's gone abit... funny lately..."
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