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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
As it has been said, Garrus is only a squad member IF he DIDN'T die in ME2. If you don't import a save game, one would assume that he would be alive as canon.
Where was that said? I was going on what the article posted earlier said (which I gather was a summary of the GI article). But assuming that is the case - that he could indeed be dead and thus may require a substitute - then why choose him of all potentially dead ME2 squad mates as a permanent ME3 squad mate? Is it because they've determined he is the most popular? The statistically most likely to survive ME2? It just seems kind of arbitrary to me is all. If it's the case that his death does indeed carry over and he isn't substituted for in ME3 then I would actually appreciate that, as it would be a real carry-over of consequences from ME2. But as I said before, I can't see them wanting to chance something like that.
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