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I'd buy that for a dollar
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Sort of like the tat one friend had of Spooky from super mario. And then it had written in cursive underneath it "Spooky!"

That's cool. I guess even though piercings and tattoos are something I'm not too fond of, I always sort of figured if I were to ever get a tat, it would be of a laser symbol. Just not sure which color I'd want it to be.

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It symbolizes more or less my coming into adulthood. I built a nitrogen gas laser for my senior project in high school. It was an assignment for school, but it was the *first* time I ever really wanted to do an assignment for school. Also was the first time that I ever followed something with such enthusiasm as a direction in life. Nothing before it ever did pull like that and even though I have moved onto other things, nothing has ever driven me like that since.

Yeah I agree with Groovy, if it fits you, go with it.

And uh, yeah I guess Groovy has a point...I guess if Av= persona, no wonder some of you see me as a nutcase/nuissance. For what it's worth, thanks Groovy. Maybe this is a step towards less apathy in life. I'll try to keep a running theme for coherence sake. Kind of running out of different avs ideas to use every month anyways. Unpredictable is one thing but scatterbrained is not a strength.
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