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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Are you using a dual-link DVI cable? Check the connectors on the cable and make sure that it's got a single group of 24 pins and not 2 groups of 9.
Yep, the cable is marked dual-link and I disconnected the cable to count the pins.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Probably a dumb question, but you might be using a different cable with your new video card and I just wanted to be sure that it wasn't the cause of your problem, however unlikely that may be.
Heh, I hadn't thought about it but I've been using the same cable since I bought it.

Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Also, since you're playing TSL again, are you going to give TSLRCM a try?
*shrugs* Most of the time, if I download someone else's stuff, I end up spending a whole lot of time tweaking it for my tastes. TSLRCM seems like a lot of content and I'm inclined to say "no" just because I don't want to create a whole bunch of work for myself (if nothing else, I'm sure I'd have to adjust a bunch of stuff just to make it compatible)
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