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Originally Posted by Nvenom View Post
I could not find a single Installer that gave options, were i to release my mod it would have consisted of 12 tslpatcher .exe's and been around 200 mb's...
You can use a namespaces.ini file (the configuration utility can create one, it's in one of the menus) with TSLPatcher to provide a screen allowing the user to select one of several installation options. It's a bit primitive since it can only allow the user one of several options, not a checklist of options like most installation utilities do, but it does allow using a single exe and file base to provide several installation options.

(IIRC it essentially just allows you to provide several changes.ini and readme texts and swaps which ones are used depending on what the user picks.)

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On topic: Not everyone installs their games in the default location. You should read the install path from the Registry and use that instead of hardcoding in your installer scripts where the files should go.

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