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Originally Posted by Bob Ta'aar View Post
Please let me know, if you found out anything useful about the hexing part.
nah, just what I learned from Miro42. It's all trial and error after that.

Originally Posted by Bob Ta'aar View Post
I managed to detach the head from the Weequay-model and have him in place on top of a human body, even with dangly hair, ... all working exept for the facial animations. [snip] But after hours and hours of hex-trials without any success, I'm just too frustrated without any new hint of something that might work .
I had similar problems when trying to merge Bastila's head model with another (for different hair). I noticed that on top of the hex editing issues, that the model also lost some of the bone weights, which caused a loss of facial animation. I tried fixing the weights, but I never did get it to work. The tutorials I followed are in the modelling section, threads started by Kha and Jolly Boots.

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