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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
That's cool. I guess even though piercings and tattoos are something I'm not too fond of, I always sort of figured if I were to ever get a tat, it would be of a laser symbol. Just not sure which color I'd want it to be.

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It symbolizes more or less my coming into adulthood. I built a nitrogen gas laser for my senior project in high school. It was an assignment for school, but it was the *first* time I ever really wanted to do an assignment for school. Also was the first time that I ever followed something with such enthusiasm as a direction in life. Nothing before it ever did pull like that and even though I have moved onto other things, nothing has ever driven me like that since.
You see, even though I dislike tattoos (not sure why, just have an almost puritanical distaste for them and piercings. Even earrings, though I easily ignore them on people unless they're huge and obnoxious, bother me a little), I could kinda respect the laser symbol. It actually has relevance to your life and who you are, instead of just 'looking cool' like some dragon or Chinese characters you get told mean 'strength and honor' but actually say 'bad-smelling short man' (seriously, I've lost count of the guys I've seen with Chinese character tats that mean something way different from what they think). It's also just vague enough that if for whatever reason you decided you wanted to lie about what it meant, you could make something pretty plausible up without difficulty.

As for avs reflecting online 'personas', I dunno. I've never really tried to go for a specific persona, instead I just post what I think while reading a thread. If people don't recognize me by username, I don't really mind, since that just means they'll be judging my post based on its own merit (or lack thereof). However, by using Oddball, Flashman, and Archer as my last 3 avs, I guess I already have subconsciously been following a theme. Of course, that might not be noticed, since a lot of the younger crowd likely don't know Oddball or Flashman (I'm pretty sure Flashman isn't very well known outside of the UK), and Archer's only beginning to get the attention it deserves now that it's reached its 2nd season.

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