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"It is good to fight by your side again Akagi,"

Akagi turned to Takeda and raised his eyebrow in suprise. He hadn't heard Takeda approach him.

"It's an honor to fight with you again Takeda. I'm sorry that we were to busy to say this earlier but...the villagers, my men and I are glad that you decided to help us fight the mysterious enemy that attacked our village. And if you are willing, we would be honored if you decide to help us when the time comes to take back our village."

"I mean, we all have our own lives to lead. He became a jonin, you went with the samurai, I pursued my own goals."

"Some people have a hard time accepting that." Karela said in agreement. "But sometimes I wonder....what would have happened if we had all stayed together in the hidden leaf?"

"Before I left, those guys couldnt keep their hands off each other. I'm sure he would have been a little preoccupied... or did something happen between them?"

Karela looked down at her ramen and frowned. "From what I can tell Takeda is angry at her as well. And Asuka is somewhere in the village but I haven't seen her for awhile. We actually encountered her when we were fighting to save Akagi's village and she came back with us."
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