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Originally Posted by SITH LORD 872 View Post
I personally think he had a thing for her, And she was like NO WAY!!
You're right that we'll probably never know for sure - I just like speculating on it since it's such an ambiguous scene.

I can see how he'd be bored with her maybe...the rest of the court was...Also the power struggle is a good way he's going to take a slave girl trying to undermine him.

I can see the 'he had a thing for her' too...but my question then why did he kill her?? I don't think she was saying "no way", seemed more like she was begging him, so I don't know if she offended him.

Plus...If he wanted her there is NO way a scrawny thing like that could out pull him, unless she's stronger than Leia (who was pulled around by Jabba basically at will).

The only thing I see is he killed her for saying "no" (even though she had no way of keeping away from him) but then it seems he has a bit of a double standard...because I can't exactly see Leia saying "yes" to being tugged about by Jabba, but she not only didn't make Jabba mad, but seemed to gain more of his favor as time went on. Maybe he doesn't take any lip from her because she's more homely than Leia so he thinks she needs to have more respect.
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