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Never Too Late For Redemption

TSL on Malachor V: With the Exile gone to the darkness, Mical still prays for her redemption

The piece left you hanging. Will Mical succeed?

In the Medbay

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: When Atton is wounded, it is left to the Exile to treat the wound.

I think it was more the position (Upper inside thigh) than any other reason for the women to refuse to treat it. The scene, with the Exile trying not to look at other exposed parts that makes it funny. Oh, and an assassinator should be merely assassin.

Pick of the Week

Star wars beta squadron
Flaming Burrito

Clone War right before ROTS: A clone unit is caught on the outer rim as the enemy fleet leaps to Coruscant.

The piece is confusing, you kept forgetting conversation breaks. The battle to come sounds like it might be interesting.

The Revan Chronicles I The Outer Rim Wars
Master Alabe

Post KOTOR on Coruscant: Still trying to get over having killed an old friend, Revan finds there is no rest for him.

The piece I was able to read (Chapter one) was a bit abrupt, but there are elements that will make it worth the effort to come back and continue.

A Tale of Two Dark Lords
Rogue Jedi Princess

Crossover: Revan Vs Voldemort?

The piece is far too short to get a good feel, though I did have a few questions. One, is this a Dark Lord Revan or light side? Is the evil she feels From the dark lord or the dementors?

Seja Kimura From Jedi Assassin to Wandering Jedi

Pre KOTOR during Mandalorian Wars: A Jedi looks back on his service to the Republic

The piece flowed well, but having the character be a Jedi Assassin rubbed me the wrong way. A character has to have good and bad qualities, calling him a Jedi does not make 'assassin' palatable to me.


Jae Onasi

Post Exar Kun War: Jolee has been forgiven by the order, but refuses to forgive himself

The piece like all of Jae's work is a neatly cut gemstone needing only setting. She had done more work than anyone of our friend Jolee and his argument before the council is not only pure Jolee, it is pure Jae as well.

Pick of the Week

Not Yet

Pre KOTOR: Jolee's first talk with Revan

The piece give you so much of the back story with so little effort. The same cantankerous Jolee, but a different colder Revan. Jiara has scored yet again.

Pick of the Week

Of love and war
Aminta Jae

Originally post 16 May 2007, that posting is below:

Prelude to the attack on the Endar Spire: Trask and Aminta reminisce.

An interesting take on the Endar Spire and her crew. The dialogue suggests a long association between them, yet we know that can’t be the case. It begs the question; how many people aboard knew who Revan was?

The style is excellent, the scenes crisp.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Best Friends in Love

Pre KOTOR: It is really love, but don't tell him...

My only problems with the piece were; having to attach a (normal) name to the character, Rick Revan, Mark Malak, etc, and using Valentine's Day.

If you go to Lucasforums where I also post and go to the resource center-> Expert Forum->post 118, you will find a dissertation on holidays not to use. St Valentine's day (Before it was linked to juvenile hormones) was to celebrate a martyr killed by tying him to a post and letting passers by take pot shots at him with bows. But it is linked to Earth History.

That said the piece was fun and the end perfect.

Pick of the Week

The Jedi Not to be
Exar Kun

During or just after KOTOR, no specifics given: An attack against the Jedi Council begins

The piece is interesting in that it goes from a little quiet sparring to full blown attack with almost no pause. I would have liked to see more.


KOTOR facing Leviathan: What if the characters had a say?

For those who don't know it and the author explained at the end; the term PEBCAK is tech support slang for Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard. In other words, operator error. Having one of the characters suggest a way to totally avoid the torture scene is choice.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
What we die for...
KOTOR excerpts
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