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Originally Posted by SITH LORD 872 View Post
All of your points are good reasons, I think with him being a gangster and her being a slave, it was either she follow his rules, or like you said he found Leia more attractive, personally i thought both of them were hot, In my opinion that is one of the most memorable scenes from Jedi.

On a side note there is a nude shot when Oola is trying to get away from Jabba!!!
Agreed - definitely memorable scenes.

Oola is hot? I guess for having two growths hanging off her head...I'd say Jabba upgraded though. She had a nude shot eh? Interesting - how'd THAT get by!

I wonder what would have happened if Leia had come earlier, and prevented Oola from getting dropped? Would Jabba have kept both slaves when he captured Leia eventually (that'd be a crowded dais!), or would he have disposed of Oola, seeing as she was apparently pretty worthless to him anyhow, disobedient, and kind of homely compared to Leia, and then just keep his "new and improved" slave - Leia.
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