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Well, if you haven't gone after the 4th and 5th maps yet, just keep looking to level up and talk to Carth before getting that 4th map. Otherwise, just go back to the point where you've met Jordo (if you've got a save between your 2nd/3rd point repeating more than you can avoid) and then resolve Dustil situation before getting the 3rd map (if you went back to earlier save) or 4th map at your current point. Been a bit since I played it through, but if the guide is right about overall timing of conversations, just make sure that you get in the required exchanges between "you" and Carth before the 4th map. Until you resolve Dustil, Carth won't discuss anything else with you. Oh, and remember to save pretty often so you don't find yourself having to go back far b/c your game crashed or you missed something along the way. Less frustration that way.

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