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Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
Uh, no. The exclamation point is a negation operator. It makes the script create the store object if it does not already exist. If you remove the negation operator you'll spawn a new instance of the store object every time you talk to the merchant, instead of using the one that you already spawned the first time you talked to them. You'd flood the samegame with store object instances if it's a frequently visited merchant.

If you remove the negation operator you'd spawn the store object when an object with that tag already exists. So if your variant "works" it would mean that you've specified the tag of another non-store object within that area that already exists (and your store likely has the same tag as such an object). Change the tag of your store to something unique and it should work.
I'm sorry, I just don't get it I'm scripting retarded and I just observed that the store wouldn't open when I had the exclamation point in there. When I took it out, it opens.

In this mod I have the merchant greet the player by name after he is met for the first time. Is it then when I want to have the ! a part of the script ("then" being the second time)? I hope I'm being clear, you'll have to forgive my ignorance here!

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