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Originally Posted by jon_hill987 View Post
Unlikely as the PS3 version gets tied to your Steam account from what I hear.
Sounds like a plot to push PC gaming by eliminating one of the few advantages of a console.

Even though I much prefer gaming on a PC, I do think that is a bit unfair to PS3 gamers. Or if not unfair, at the very least a pretty uncool thing to do.

Similarly uncool is $85 of day one DLC. While it's purely cosmetic, and stuff I likely wouldn't use even if was free, don't need to buy, etc., it's pretty egregious nickel and diming of those customers who are interested. Especially since Steam is a direct download service, so there's no 'oh well it was finished after the game, but before the game shipped so we couldn't put it on the disk' excuse.

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