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"Alright gang, its showtime. Tino, I need you to come over here. You and Saluna have to find this Lyna clone through the force. We need to get to her before Sethos does," Xan said.

Saluna and Tino nodded with a bright smile. "We'll do our best," Saluna replied.


"So we're after a Hutt named... Vedo was it?" Cade recalled. "What exactly are we extracting from him? Keeping in mind that entirely depends on what sort of reputation he holds as a Hutt. They are understandably one of the most paranoid species in the galaxy."

Lyna chuckled as they went through the atmosphere of Nal Hutta. "That's very true. One time, I met Queen Jools, the Hutt you guys use to see at her cantina. At first, she didn't believe that I was the clone of Lyna. But after I told her my story and took off my goggles, she was totally surprised."

She looked for a landing pad to land the ship near the Hutt Palace.
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