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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
Because the game(s) can stand on itself and I like to play them (first) on how they were intended to perhaps?

Seriously.. out of the tons of mods on Nexus.. how many are actually 'needed'. The absence of pixel pr0n and one-shot weapons in vanilla aren't necessarily game breaking
Morrowind was completely unplayable without mods. I bought it when it was first released but uninstalled after little more than an hour and sold it. Bought the GotY version a few years later again, installed a bunch of 3rd party mods (among them the crucial Better Heads/Bodies/Armor mods) and had lots of fun playing it.

Being able to mod games to better suit your preferences is one of the main reasons I prefer gaming on the PC. Not only does it enhance the game experience itself, modding can be rather fun on its own. Bioware's recent trend of complete disinterest in allowing/supporting modding for their games is rather annoying; I hope Bethesda won't follow suit and will continue to release modding tools for their games.

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